Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend in Charlotte

Happy Saturday friends and fellow bloggers.  I've made the journey south to Charlotte, N.C. for the weekend, to spend time with my best friend, and "partner in crime" from high school in college.  It sure is fun to spend time with her and recall time we spent together in our slightly younger days.  So many memories!  She too is a lifelong animal lover, and has a couple of Australian Shepherds, and a number of feline friends.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!  We have a weekend of activities planned, but I didn't want to miss the chance to participate again in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.  I'll probably be playing Hop-catch-up Sunday night and Monday, but will definitely make rounds to see what everyone has been up to lately.  For now, I'll share some of our photos of this past week, and encourage you to please check out our Pumpkin Patch video if you haven't seen it yet.  It's sure to put a smile on your face!  Here's wishing everyone a lovely weekend!!

I realize that Zoe is a blur of fur in this one, but just love that smile on Xander's face.  Priceless!

Zoe modeling her new leopard print jacket for Fall.

We couldn't leave out Miss Roxie.  Here she is showing off a t-shirt with our good pal Nigel Buggers doing what he does best:  pole dancing.  You might recognize Nigel from Life With Dogs, one of the hosts of the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, and an inspiration for Dogs Rock!!  I highly recommend LWD.  Nigel and his pals are always up to mischief, and put a smile on my face each and every day!!  Oh, and yes, that's me posing with Nigel in my About Me blog photo.  I had the privilege of meeting the entire LWD crew in September of this year.  Trust me, they're just as fun face-to-face, as they are in blog land!


  1. That is a great look on Xander's face. If dogs could say "whee" ...

  2. I'm psyched for your trip. If I know you, you have your camera in tow so we won't miss too much. :)

  3. The leopard skin top looks very smart.

  4. I can't wait to see the pictures when you get back! Have fun in Charlotte!

    Zoe, you're a fashion inspiration! We love you!


  5. happy birthday to miss melanie!!! :)
    have funsies in charlotte this weekend, too! (you are close to meeee!)
    miss zoe is so stylin' and profilin' in her new leopardy jacket!
    oh, and me and asa and mama caught up on your last few posties. we looooved the video from sinkland farm! what a super pretty fall day! miss maddie is a beautimous rottie girl, and that dalmation pupper was a cutie, too. the hooman pup in the dino suit was ridiculously adorable like. and of course all those grrreat plumpkins in so many colors 'n shapes 'n sizes!

    the booker man

  6. I love the action photos!!! You captured Xander's joy perfectly!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I love to see Xander having such great fun, and, of course, Zoe's pic where she's modelling her darling new leopard print snuggly yet fashionable jacket needed to be posted. It was nice to see, Roxie, too. I'll bet that t-shirt could be adapted to fit her; the colors suit her own coloring.

  8. Like the leopard print on you Zoe. Have fun the Charlotte.


  9. Hopped by to say hi.

    Wow! What a fun romp!

  10. Hi! Followed you back to say thanks for stoppin' by! Would be so much fun to race around with y'all!
    Y'all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. haha good photos!
    Happy birthday to miss melanie!
    Have a wonderful weekend and take lots of pics!

  12. Beautiful photos! We just got back from vacation in Charlotte!


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