Friday, December 31, 2010

Yappy New Year!!

If you've been following Dogs Rock, you know by now that I take a lot of photos of the dogs, and you know that Zoe "loves" leopard print. You might not realize though that I'm fairly easily amused, have a somewhat silly sense of humor, AND I also dabble in PhotoShop. With that said, I thought, "Why not share Zoe's New Year's Eve "partay dress" here in Blogland?" Zoe has some of the funniest and friendliest pals you can find over on Facebook, and Nerd BoB is hosting a New Year's Eve bash for all of them! I'm sure Zoe will be a hit in her leopard couture! I hope you've enjoyed our New Year's silliness! Please have a safe and FUN holiday. We look forward to lots more fun with you in 2011!!! Yappy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our White Christmas

There was something almost magical about waking to a fresh snowfall on Christmas morning.  I bounded out of bed to look out the window, and said, "Oh my gosh!!"  I felt like a kid again, and quickly grabbed my boots, coat and camera to capture the dogs as they ventured out for the first time.  We only had a dusting of snow this morning, and about 3 inches this evening, but the dogs had a great time frolicking about!  The snow was just enough to create a winter wonderland, but not so much as to interfere with our plans to spend Christmas with family across town.  Our house guests from Florida knew they were heading to cooler temperatures for the holidays, but got to enjoy a white Christmas too.  The snow is pretty, but I don't think they'll miss our climate, as I already heard them discussing the 70-degree forecasted temperatures at home on Friday.   As for the dogs, the holiday was spent breaking in new toys, snacking on tasty treats, and taking frequent naps where I'm sure visions of snow-bunnies were dancing in their heads.  I hope everyone had an equally beautiful and enjoyable holiday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dashing Through the Snow

It's not a lot of dashing, and it's just a little snow, but Zoe still had fun!  Poor Xander is recovering from a paw injury, so he wasn't interested in running about with her.  He started limping last Saturday, and visited the vet on Monday.  Xrays showed that he broke a toe at some point in the past, and it healed back crooked.  Fortunately, no breaks were found now, so we're hoping it's just a sprain, and he'll be playing with Zoe again very soon.

This weekend is holiday crunch time.  There are presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and house guests for which to prepare.  My planned strategy is to keep it low-stress and enjoy the season.  Repeat after me, "Everything does NOT have to be PERFECT!"  We'll see how I do with that.  

Happy Holidays!!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Stockings Are Hung

Last weekend I went shopping, and one of my wishlist items was a stocking for Zoe, since this is her first Christmas with us.  We've had the same stockings for years, and Roxie and Xander have their own stockings too.  They aren't fancy.  Just your standard, traditional red and white stockings, with our names at the top.  My plan was to find a similar one for Zoe.  That plan abruptly changed as I turned down the holiday decorations aisle at Target.  If you've been following Dogs Rock, you're probably aware that I, and therefore all my dogs, have a love of all things animal print.  They have leopard print collars, coats, and of course my shoes, but it doesn't stop there . . . we love zebra print, giraffe, and so on.  As soon as I laid eyes on the leopard print stocking, I knew it was perfect for Zoe and her impeccable sense of style.

Zoe's stocking in no way matches any of our Christmas decor from years past, but suits her perfectly.  She has added a lot of fun to our household over the past 9 months, and deserves a funky stocking that's all her own.

Since we're on the topic of holiday decor, I thought I'd share some of our favorite ornaments.  I wouldn't say that I have a "theme" going, but I have gravitated toward snowmen decorations over the years.  

Newest one.  Added this year.
Who could resist this smiling face?

Last year's addition.
Last, but not least.

And yes, we do have dog ornaments too . . .

This one was purchased because it reminded me a little but of Xander.

In memory of Mike's Lhasa Apso, Dudley.  xo
Zoe is convinced this is her ornament, even though it's been here much longer than she has.  I think we'll use a marker to add an "s" on the end of "Dog."

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blueberry's Brigade

As a reminder, there are a few days remaining in Blueberry's Christmas Auction.  Blueberry is a good friend of ours, and one of the gorgeous Tales and Tails girls.  She's facing some health concerns, which you can read about here, and Dogs Rock wants to offer support to her and her family.  I hope you'll visit the auction.  Bidding is easy, and there's a variety of items up for grabs.  Here are just a few!

7" Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet with Greyhound Toggle

Not one, but two Maine Greyhound Placement t-shirts are up for grabs.  They feature the handsome and ever-popular Nigel Buggers of Life With Dogs on the back!!  A perfect gift for the naughty people on your Christmas shopping list.

A variety of holiday decor is available, including this lovely Jim Shore piece.
Please stop by the auction site today, and feel free to share this post or a direct link to the auction with your friends.  You can also consider a donation in any amount by clicking the Let's All Chip in to Help Blueberry link posted at the top-right of our site.   All help is greatly appreciated!!  Thank you!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoe's First Snow

Yesterday was our first snow of the season, and Zoe's first experience with snow.  It was just a light dusting of maybe an inch, so at least she got to ease her way into it.  So far, she is the first of our three dogs to actually sit down in snow.  It was a little odd to see.  She kind of cringed as she sat there, but it didn't phase her enough to stand up.  When I started looking through today's photos, Mike made a wisecrack, "Is she the only dog we own?"  Yes, the photos are a little "Zoe-heavy," but that's just because she is the most active.  If I could get Roxie and Xander to play a little more, they would be photographed more.  They, like me, prefer to find a warm, cozy place to hide from winter.  Please enjoy our photos, and the rest of the weekend!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time to Deck the Halls

Zoe has visions of stocking stuffies, treats and presents in her head.  If you're like us, there's lots to do this weekend.  We'll be shopping, decorating and hanging lights.  I'm on a mission to get Zoe a stocking since it's her first Christmas with us.  We plan to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season along the way.
Happy Holidays!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday 12/1

No snow here yet, but I wanted to share one of our favorite Roxie photos from January's massive snowfall.  After record snow amounts last winter, we're a little anxious and wondering what's in store this winter.  If it's anything like this, I don't think Zoe will be able to move.

Speaking of snow, I saw this video on a friend's blog recently, and loved it so much that I wanted to share it here.  If you need a good smile, please watch!  Happy Wednesday!