Saturday, September 25, 2010

Twinkie's Show Us Your Tongue Photo Contest

We've been hopping our way through the dog blog world this Saturday, and discovered a tiny dog named Twinkie who's hosting a photo contest in celebration of National Dog Week.  We're still very much Newbies in the blog world, but it looks like fun and a great way to meet fellow dog lovers.  The theme is "Show Us Your Tongue," and our Zoe was happy to oblige.


  1. Zoe - you have a very beau-roooooo-tiful tongue!

  2. That is a great picture! Zoe, we hope you can hold your licker!


  3. Twinks contest is totally fun. Thanks for stopping over from the blog hop.

  4. The tiny dog you discovered is a serial stalker (follower). Nice photo, Zoe! and a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the contest. I'm relieved I wasn't allowed to participate in my own contest. It's a tough one.


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