Saturday, September 25, 2010

Softball Saturday

Zoe here, reporting on a recent trip Mom and I took to Botetourt Co., Virginia.  Botetourt, pronounced Bot-a-tot, is nestled between the Blueridge and Appalachian Mountains.  Mom likes to visit there occaisionally to see the scenic landscape on the winding country roads.  Fortunately, I get to tag along on some of these excursions because Mom loves me best I'm naughty when left home alone.  (Sorry guys, Mom has editing rights to my posts!)  Anyway, another reason we visited Botetourt last Saturday was to see Dad.  He runs youth fastpitch softball tournaments, so we went to visit him a little.  Here are some photos from our day:

Beeyouteafull mountains.

Mom made me pose with this softball thingy.  It wasn't the funnest toy I've ever seen.

Another softball pose.  I did not like posing atop these rocks.  They were in the shape of a ball.  :)

Some of the action . . .

Old Glory

More scenery.

We hope you enjoyed our Softball Saturday photos.  I'll be sure to share our next adventure with you asap.  Soon the leaves on those mountains will start to show their fall colors, and I'm sure Mom will be snapping some photos.  It's a favorite time of the year for us!!  Happy weekend to all!!!


  1. as always love your pics!! Carrides are fun!!!

  2. I understand, Zoe! I'm Mom's favorite, too! We have to let them save face with the other dogs! ;)

    Your trip to the ball park looks like a lot of fun!


  3. Zoe - thanks for sharing - especially the pictures of YOU!! Can't wait to see more of your mom's photos - she is a whiz with that thing!! Loved Old Glory too with the jets flying by - looked like a lovely weekend! Enjoy!

  4. Stopping by on the blog hop... gorgeous photos!

  5. Stopping by on the blog hop to say hello.
    Beautiful pictures:) We are looking forward to more.


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