Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leopard Print Stylin'

Zoe here!  Mom has been fighting a nasty flu-bug for a week, so when I asked her what the topic of today's post was, she said I was in charge of it this week!  I get to talk about whatever I want!! Therefore, today's topic is leopard-print fashion.  Everybody at my house appreciates a nice leopard print!  Here I am modeling a lovely leopard collar Mom bought for my "brother," Xander, years ago in Dewey Beach, Delaware.  In April, Xander came with Mom to pick me up in North Carolina, and she took the leopard collar right off of Xander and onto me since it was adjustable to a perfect fit.  Mom keeps saying she needs to get a replacement for Xander, but for now he runs around mostly naked (weirdo!)  

Mom really likes to dress like me because she likes my style!  She's pretty proud of her leopard print shoes, and I think they're snazzy!  I think you'll either love them or hate them.  When she came home with them as a new purchase, Dad asked, "Are you going to wear those in public?"  What does he know anyway!?!  Here she is posing for pals on a recent trip to Vermont, where she met the infamous Nigel Buggers!  I'm not too happy that she didn't take me to meet Nigel too, but she claims that she had to fly on a big bird in the sky and I wouldn't have liked that at all.  Pffftt!!.

Since we're on the topic of stylish leopard prints, I have to introduce you to my BFF, Miss Sasha from Ohio. We love hanging out together at the mall, listening to tunes on our iPawds, and going on adventures with other doggie pals.  Sasha's Momster recently bought her a lovely leopard Snuggie!!  I think you'll agree that Sasha is one of the purdiest girls you've ever seen.  (Thanks for being my super-stylish BFF and participating in today's bloggie, Sasha!)

When I saw Miss Sasha's leopard Snuggie, I went bonkers, and immediately began a quest to get my very own leopard couture.  The Snuggies were all sold out in my size, and just when I began a hunger strike, and was about to sink into a deep despair, Mom came through for me and found a bee-you-tea-full fleece vest at!!

My "sister," Roxie, is a rather warm-natured greyhound, so despite having a few coats in her closet, she rarely wears one.  The other day, Mom was hanging a coat in the closet when some leopard print fleece caught her eye on the top shelf.  It was Roxie's long-lost, and nearly forgotten leopard coat, which was purchased years ago.  We knew this was an excellent opportunity to do some modeling.  Roxie's has a hoodie like Sasha's!

Roxie was happy when the photo shoot was over.  She much prefers to go au naturale!

I hope you've enjoyed today's fashion show.  'Tis the season to be pulling out the cold-weather gear.  Why not add some flair to your wardrobe with a touch of animal print?  We're also very fond of zebra!  Make sure you mark your calendars for November 18th.  We're participating in the Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway, and one of our lucky readers will win a pawsome prize!!

Happy weekend to all.  See you on the Blog Hop!


  1. Hi Zoe, hope your mom is feeling much better now!

    What a fashionable family you're. I love all your leopard print outfits, they are really cool. Your mom's leopard print shoes are gorgeous too. I'm just thinking it might be even more stunning if she borrowed Roxie's coat as well : )

  2. Zoe, you make that leopard print look GOOD! I think all the leopard prints are fabulous, but you definitely pull it off with a panache that many other dogs don't have. Have you considered modeling? I think everyone would be begging you to wear their leopard couture!

    Oh, and your mom still rocks those shoes!


    P.S. I consider myself a bit of a fashionista, too. I do so love reading what other hounds have to say about fashion and trends! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Oh, we are so diggin' the leopard print! We just LOVE the canine fashion show highlighting some of today's hippest leopard print styles ranging from collars to snuggies (and even Hu-Mom's cool shoes!) Roll out the red carpet, you are all ready (and adorable)! PS - hope Mom feels better soon!

  4. You all look snazzin!! especially the Momster with those Dapper shoes!! What I would like to see is a picture of all of you together in one shot with your Leopard prints on!! Can you manage that by the 18th? Lots of Love Kara-mel Ki-lee and Mom...

  5. Hi Zoe! Your whole family looks good in leopard skin! You might want to check out the auction benefiting Sammy and Andy (link on my blog). There's a very nice leopard print cashmere scarf on the auction. Might make a nice gift for your mom!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Leopard prints rock! Y'all look smashing! Never knew you could get snuggies in leopard print. Very cool :)

    Waggin at ya snazzy things,

  7. yall look so nice in the leopard prints! Stylin!


  8. Great fashion show!! I don't understand - what reason could there be for NOT wearing those shoes in public? My mom loves them!


  9. Hi Y'all!
    Followed you back to say Hi!
    Even a retriever like me can admire you in your snazzy attire. However, please refrain from given my Human Momma any ideas! I get too hot easily with all this natural's thick, trust me!
    Y'all come back now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. P.S. My Momma says she hopes you're feelin' better, Kristen.
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. Love your blog and I am following you now! Greyhounds Rock! What a stylish bunch! :)

  12. Oooh, Zebra would be gorgeous. Thanks for the idea.

    Your collar is fabulous, by the way. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  13. I love your leopard outfits...and they could double as a great halloween costume if you added some ears.

  14. Darn, I posted on the one previously!
    But just to repeat myself...Cat prints are for the girls!

  15. miss zoe,
    well, i'm a dude, but i still totally think ya'll ladies are lookin' fab in the leopard prints!! work it!! :)

    the booker man

    pee s -- pretty please give your mama a gooey nose kiss for me. i hope she feels the betterment soon!

  16. Crack me up - despite having seen the shoes in person, I had no idea that you had matching hounds!

    Does it make them any faster? :)

  17. I think you all look very smart and I hope your mom gets better soon.

  18. I hope that your mom feels all better by now.

    I love the leopard skin fashion statement in your pack!!!!

  19. For some reason, coats actually do look good on you super-model-type greyhounds & whippets. I think its the long necks & legs... anyways, woo pups look awesome!

    jack & moo

  20. I think I need some super hot leopard shoes!!
    Love all the pics!


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